Do dino ka tamasha yaaron

Because that’s the shelf life of any issue in our country. Actually, I’m still wondering about how the Anti-corruption movement lasted so long. šŸ˜ But I know that rape cases don’t really last for long, because at least 50% of the population is not vulnerable to them(atleast not in our country) and the other half is usually the ones at fault themselves ā— So really, it’s not such a serious matter after all. I mean if the girls can kaaboo karo their extremely strong and violent urge to indulge in besharam behavior, then surely rapes would go down. Why’re you staring at me? This is Sheila Dixit’s official statement.


But I know that this hullabaloo will go on for another 3 days, a week at most, and then people will simply forget about it. I feel India as a nation has become immune to violence. We don’t react to terrorism, molestation, domestic violence, child abuse and now rapes. We simply do not react. We have accepted this violence as an ugly reality of our country and seem to be happy as long as it doesn’t affect us personally. I have no idea why those cheesy Bollywood movies depict India as the epitome of love and respect and Indians as the most caring people in the world.

Our government and police are going to continue to do what they do best – slack their asses off and still get their monthly salary. Trust me the last thing they’re going to do before the world ends is take the maximum amount of bribe they possibly can. That’s going to be their achievement. Or maybe they’ll just prefer to die on their precious kursis, because the kursi is the source of their pride, honor and everything else they hold close. They’ll stick their asses to that damn chair and stay there until the Earth explodes or gets struck by a large meteorite. Sometimes I view India as a toilet drain that is clogged with shit to it’s brim. Whoever tries to flush gets some of that shit on his face too. In other words, it’s impossible to clear out all that shit without having it hit the fan and the ceiling first. We’re going to rot like this until the end of time.

The question is, why do men think women are public property? Who gives them the liberty to go out and flash their dicks wherever they want? What kind of sick, twisted and deranged culture are we if we promote superiority of men only because they have their egos between their legs?

When will an Indian mother stop treating her son as her ‘laal’ or ‘kaleje ka tukda’ no matter what he does and start bringing him up to respect women, their body and integrity? When will she stop making him believe that it’s okay to go out and paint the town red by exhibiting his manhood everywhere? When will she stop protecting him while heĀ harassesĀ half the women of the city? When will she start throwing him out of her house if he screws up, instead of handing him her theĀ duppatta to wipe off his nose?

When will Indian men stop being Mama’s boys and actually become men? Right now, they’re all a bunch of desperate losers who bask in the glory of simply being born as men, and that makes them think that they don’t really need to do anything else at all. Paida ho gaye, bahut bada ehsaan kar diya dharti par. This mindset snowballs into something much bigger and culminates in rape at theĀ slightestĀ of rejection. You see, they’re not adept to deal with rejection and especially by a woman. Us kamini ne mujhe mana kiya! Main mard hoon! Kudrat ka chamatkar, bhagwan ka vardaan aur duniya ka sabse shaktishaali insaan! Abhi ise iski aukaat dikhata hoon. And there you have it.


I am not going to stop stepping out of my house after 8:30. I am not going to cover my ass up with a sack if I don’t want to. I am not going to walk in packs if I want to walk alone. I am not going to take a male friend along just so he can be my bodyguard. I am not going to change so that I can prevent myself from getting raped. If a bunch of barbaric assholes can’t keep their dicks to themselves, and if our government or police cannot do anything about it, then it’s not my fault. Go shove your moral parameters up your ass.

For every innocent girl who is raped, there should be one innocent boy who is publicly castrated with a pair of shears. I suggest that all girls should start carrying a pair with them. Whenever they feel like having a little fun or just letting their hair down they should whip their shears out and chop off some guy’s penis right there. So much fun! Oh god I can only imagine. What an ego boost and power high that would be. Have a few drinks, get into a van full of adventurous girls, pull up next to a random boy, drag him inside and chop his manhood off! FUN!

Why am I saying this? Because the feeling is the same. End of story.

castration 2

3 thoughts on “Do dino ka tamasha yaaron

  1. You r right, the footage of a bollywood celebrity will be up for a month but a girl getting raped, the news will be up for max a week afterthat no one bothers …the dignity given to a women stands nowhere in the eyes of society…just an object of pleassure thats what most of the male part of the society believes n treats them like.
    What should i say when our delhi’s CM being a woman issues such statements that this will continue girls have to take precaution so that they dont get rapped…what bullshit, a man who intends to rape a woman will do it regardless of her age, clothes she wears n time od the day she is out.

  2. There are so many of us men who actually would love to be castrated, we would lie up to have it done if women ever got serious about it. Instead, they just talk about it and never get the cutting done. If you want to cut mine off, I will spread for you. Stop talking and get to cutting or just shut up. I mean it, women. Too bad you do not mean it yourselves.

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