Welcome to the dark ages

We have officially gone back to the dark ages again. The civilization that we were so proud of, the ‘Mahaanta’ that we all advertised, the greatness of principle that we all propagated, has all gone down the drain. The facade has been lifted. We have been subjected to the horrifying reality that lay beneath all the glitter and glam. Indian society is now in it’s pits. The street dogs must be thinking – Wow aren’t we a better breed than them?

Nirbhaya fought hard and long against the inevitable. She fought for life inspite of the fact that she had been physically and mentally ruined. She is the most iconic hero contemporary India has given birth to in recent times. December 29th should be marked as the ‘Nirbhaya day’ – to salute this hero’s fighting spirit. All of us need to derive our strength and courage from her. Let’s not let her death go in vain. Let’s not surrender now. Let’s not stop fighting for what is right.

What should we do now? Her death is scary, horrifying and saddening. Most parents at this very moment must be advising their daughters to not step out of the house after 7. They must be advising them to wear ‘appropriate clothes’ before stepping out of the house. They must be telling them to not come across as too accessible while walking down a street. Don’t laugh. Don’t smile. Don’t chat too much. Don’t stare at anyone. Most girls must be making arrangements to wrap up their business by 6:30 so they can be home safely by 7. Most workplaces must be enforcing stronger security. But then, what are we fighting for? What is it that we’re taking a stand for? What’s the point in crying about justice and equality when we can’t muster the courage to step out of our homes after 7? Aren’t we surrendering to the same mindset that ultimately leads men to rape? That women are not supposed to be walking around on the roads at night. That women have no claim to public space at night. That women need to keep their clothes in check in order to safeguard themselves.

Then folks, what exactly are we fighting for?

One day all women will be relegated to staying at home in the name of safety and the mindset that ‘It’s okay to rape’ with flourish boundlessly. So called men will walk the streets happily knowing that even if they rape, it’s the woman’s fault because she’s not supposed to be out ‘at this time’.

So go on people, cultivate this mindset. Aren’t we looking at a brighter future?

The government has blocked public entry to India gate. The major metro stations are shut. The police is ready with it’s tear gas and lathi charge to rain down upon protesters if things get out of hand. Clearly shows how impotent the so called ‘public servants’ are. Obviously this is the maximum they can do. Or they can express their condolences to the victim’s family and make hollow claims about making India a better place. The truth is that they’re all breathing a sigh of relief. Shukar hai, ek panga to khatam hua.

At least now the ‘Save damini/Nirbhaya’ protests will come to an end. Atleast now they wouldn’t have to spend on her treatment. Now they can happily sponsor a bureaucrat and his family’s vacation to the Maldives. Afterall, they’re the ones who ultimately rake in the moolah that swells up the swiss bank accounts.

And I’m reading reports about the minor offender to be let off easily. Really? Why, because he just came out of his mother’s womb? If only the government knew what the ‘minors’ of this nation were capable of. This guy was majorly responsible for a woman’s death. And we’re going to let him off because he’s not 18 yet?

Hey, all you minors out there! Grab a sharp knife and go stab that one person you’ve always hated! or go rape that girl who insulted you before! Don’t worry, you’ll be let off in a couple of months. It’s not really a big deal. Shouldn’t all political gundas be minors now? They’ll be able to wreak havoc and still get away without a scratch.

If those 6 rapists are not punished brutally, then all of us should just contact one of those underworld dons to have the rapists and our politicians finished off in return for the access to all overflowing swiss bank accounts.

If there is one thing our country is definitely numero uno in, it’s being the Rape destination of the world. Hey world, it’s punishment-free to rape here, isn’t that cool?

One thought on “Welcome to the dark ages

  1. this was such a moving piece. Props to you for writing with such gusto, and may the fight live on and may our people finally see the light!

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