Ladkiyon, get a life!

Lately my dislike towards the female gender has been increasing at quite the drastic rate. I don’t know how I went from being a feminist a few years ago, cheering unabashedly for female domination and rule, to pretty much a misogynist. I suppose it has more to do with the fact that women don’t value and respect their own existence than anything else. The fact is most of us would rather depend on a man to fulfill our needs than create an independent space for ourselves. How do you expect men to not feel superior when you put them there yourselves? I get the whole idea of choosing to settle down, have kids and manage the family out of free will, but hey, we live in a world where money is a deciding factor in pretty much every situation, and financial independence is the very first step towards leading a dignified life.

But the truth is most girls don’t take it seriously. Marriage is their ultimate manzil in life and everything they do adds up to or leads to marriage. Shaadi ke baad to bas happily ever after hai. It’s like they’re waiting to cross that threshold of the marriageable age and simply dive into the institution because that’s what well brought up Indian girls are supposed to do. Imagine the magnitude of resources that are being wasted on these girls in terms of education every year, when they clearly have no intention of making use of it whatsoever. They simply do not want to take control of their own lives and say, Hey, this is my life and I will take responsibility for both the good parts and the not-so-good parts.

We talk about this being the 21st century and how the woman has become so much more modern. Let’s define modern here. She wears short clothes, smokes, drinks, has multiple boyfriends, does drugs and doesn’t shy away from using abuses containing maa and bhen in every other sentence. From the top all of that does add upto being rather bold, but the very same woman would still not have the balls to make major decisions in her life on her own, stick by them and face the consequences alone no matter how ugly they get. Although I find that this is a major issue with the entire current (“me”) generation (fattu generation, in crude terms) but more so with women because their whole idea of being “modern” is just so fcuked up.

It’s not the overdose of sex, alcohol and drugs that I have a problem with. It’s the fact that that’s pretty much all there is to them that I have an issue with. Hypocrisy, in other words.

Which brings me to another aspect that I have begun to hate: shallowness. Girls nowadays live in a very limited world: make-up, clothes and boys. Very rarely have I seen a gang of girls sitting together and discussing or talking about a topic that either directly or indirectly doesn’t lead of one of the above. This other day I was talking about my day among a small group of girls, telling them how lawyers nowadays have become all about minting money for every breath they take in a client’s presence, when suddenly one of them cut me off in the middle and said, “By the way, Zara pe aaj kal sale lagi hai, dekhi kya?

Sometimes I just want to either strangle them all or pull out all my hair. Will I ever come across a girl of this generation who isn’t either a wannabe, hypocrite or completely psuedo-intellectual?

By the way, I forgot to mention one other thing that defines the “modern” girl: Unlimited pics and selfies >_<

5 thoughts on “Ladkiyon, get a life!

  1. well the above stated things are sadly *facts*….what can i say, the equality part among girls n boys is now above my level of understanding, girls are no where less than doing all the fun in every sphere of life infact they’ve surpassed boys as they are no longer *becharis* anymore. i think whatever wrong they do they’re wholly n solely responsible for their acts now. we cannot put the whole blame thing on boys when today’s girls are so inviting. but i know there are exceptions too we cannot deny that fact too (as that exception part of girls have come to an extinction). this blog is an eye opener for those who refuse to accept reality…sadly but guys this is today’s reality!

  2. i appreciate what you wrote here. Just want to add my point of view – Inspite of the ‘type’ you have mentioned here, there are lots of women who live by their dignity. As for the rest high time, they make ties in solidarity with other women.

  3. I completely agree with your opinion…I have had the same conversations with my family….truly feminism isn’t about drinking , smoking , drugs , pre- marital sex to be at par with men who are upto such activities in excess….its all cool to drink sometimes but with the right people at the right place in the right amount…its the best to stay in limits (be it anything) than just doing it to prove a point..
    Sorry to say but its a pity..

  4. I hear you, Aparajita, its nice to see this coming from a girl, lately I’ve so tired of my own sphere of women, and what the teens do in these days, I guess I also have developed a taste for being a misogynist.

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