Reasons why Carrie Mathison kicks ass!

You all know who Carrie Mathison is right? The awesomesauce lead character of Homeland? If you don’t, then please go inject yourself with some world awareness while I go watch another episode.

homeland animated GIF

1) She’s fearless. She doesn’t give a rat’s fart about the magnitude of the problem that stands in the way of her path. She ploughs on with unequivocal relentlessness and doesn’t let a 10 ton bulldozer stop her even in it’s full throttle.

2) She’s a believer. Carrie is someone who acts on instinct, and boy, does she have some instinct. She’s almost always right about things and sticks to her beliefs like a plague. With a middle finger perpetually stationed in front of power houses like David Estes and Senator Lockhart, she goes and does what she wants with conviction.

season 2 animated GIF

3) She’s fiercely loyal. Her unwavering trust in Brody at the end of Season 2, despite damning evidence against him, her faith in Saul in season 3, when she willingly put herself through hell on his orders and her unflinching trust in her source (whom she hadn’t met in 5 years) in Beirut, proves how fiercely loyal she is to people she loves and trusts. When Carrie Mathison says she is with you, she is with you until the very end.

season 3 animated GIF

4) Her work is her religion, literally. Carrie Mathison, in her own words, is “always working”. She take her work seriously, and I doubt would let a trivial thing such as a death threat stand in the way of it. Despite being humiliated and ousted by the CIA, she couldn’t resist the urge to get back at what what she does best – being a spy. Some people are just born to be spies.

television animated GIF


5)  She doesn’t take bullshit from anyone. Carrie is someone who hates being shoved aside after being fed with spoonfuls of bullshit. She doesn’t let anyone treat her like a doormat and gives it back (in double) to whoever tries to mess her around. There might be consequences, but this one has never given a damn.



6) Despite all of that, she’s still human. Believe it or not, despite being kickass, she’s still very much human and craves love and support just as much as any of us. In fact due to her Bipolar condition, her emotions are probably much more intense than others. She is sadly aware of how lonely she is and could be for the rest of her life.

claire danes animated GIF

7) She’s crazy! I know, bipolar is not a glorious condition and can make life hard for anyone going through it. But Carrie’s crazy levels of crazy are both frightening and impressive. Her reckless abandon during her manic stages gives me goosebumps.

crazy animated GIF

reaction animated GIF

8) Her relationship with Saul. To me, it’s one of the best aspects of the show. Their relationship is what holds it together. I love the premise of them – no matter what happens, they’ll stand by each other. They have each other’s backs.



Well, if you haven’t already realized, I’m a big Homeland fangirl. I think the show is awesome, despite the slightly blotched up season 3. I think it’s one of the most intense TV shows out there, and one of the most addictive ones too. I have not loved a female lead character as much as Carrie Mathison in a very long time. Can’t wait for season 4 to see her kick some more ass.

All gifs are from here and here.


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