60 second dance film/Introduction to Vibgyor

..So I’ve been thinking alot about the lack of collaboration within the art circle in Delhi (perhaps the whole of India) and how that is precisely the reason why we never come up with new ideas. We simply keep rehashing the same ones over and over and over again. One person made the grand jete popular and then everyone just wanted to do the grand jete. Since when did dance become just about tricks? Another unfortunate reality is the extremely unhealthy level of competition and jealousy among dancers. Everyone is running in a mad rat race, clawing and fighting along the way to overtake one another in an aimless race. We don’t have a community of artists. We have a crowd without any face.

Collaboration, with other dancers, fine artists, graphic designers, musicians, poets, is the only way we can give birth to new, fresh and revolutionary ideas. It’s only when two worlds come together that magic gets created. We need inspiration and true love for what we do. This is my attempt at getting two art forms together to (maybe) create something interesting. It’s also officially the introduction to my upcoming company, Vibgyor.


Vibgyor Intro from Aparajita Burjwal on Vimeo.

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