Chapter: New

Adjusting in Singapore hasn’t been as much of a hassle as adjusting in Europe was. Indians do occupy 9.2% of the population after all.  We have an entire community called “Little India” dedicated to us. If being in a foreign land ever bugged us we could just catch a bus and go there to be reminded of the fact that Indians,  no matter where they go,  will never change. We will always be loud and extravagant and have minimal regard for cleanliness #SWAG

Having been here once before and the entire paradigm of my international travel experience helped. Things that used to freak me out before don’t. I go through the motions of immigration, connecting flights, transit etc quite smoothly. One thing however that will never change is me being uber directionally challenged. Despite google maps literally spoon feeding me the directions (not without its moments of frustration – but we will get to that in a bit) I simply cannot avoid getting lost or misguided every once in a while. It is all the more frustrating and agonizing when I’m carrying a ton of dirty laundry looking for a laundromat only to find that the place indicated on maps doesn’t exist. Yes, eff you Google. You can imagine how stupid I must have looked wandering around clueless with a phone in my hand, chasing a ghost. And I don’t even play Pokemon go yet.


Also, talking of being directionally challenged – can we take a moment to talk about how uber drivers are the absolute worst at arriving at the pick up point provided by a customer. The pin is there for a reason. But for whatever reason, they find it absolutely impossible to reach the place without calling you once and saying, “Hello, I’m at XYZ – where are you?” Like bro I’m at the place where I made the booking from. Where the hell are you? I think this is a universal issue. Seriously no matter how drastically different a culture might be – certain things tie all the countries together. One is music and the other is inability to follow the GPS!


The entire week has been really stressful thus far. With the never ending orientation that felt like a mini drill, the struggle to shift into a new place and most importantly 👆 readjusting my sleep schedule – things have been quite overwhelming. Hopefully with the oncoming semester and a strict schedule I will be able to get used to this. I am not very hopeful though; structure has never been my friend. I run from places or situations that force me to squeeze myself into an’s a miracle I can write within the prescribed lines in a notebook.


I am genuinely scared about the rigorous schedule though. I hope that I will be able to cope not just physically but also mentally. My extremely short attention span and dangerously low levels of interest retention scare me. It’s a shift in perspective as well as focus area from being a choreographer these past few months to being a dancer and moreover a student. Here’s me wishing me good luck.


I’ve also recently developed an interest in time-lapsing and how much more interesting things become because of it..when something feels like an eternity but looks like a minute. Putting that with dance can give birth to so much awesomeness. First experiment:

New life. New struggles. And I’ll finally download Pokemon go.




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