What has changed?

I recently came across this video.

It shows a man uncontrollably abusing another man because he was walking his dog. He is almost about to hit the dog-owner. This is happening in one of the posh localities of Gurgaon – Sector 48. It made my blood boil like nothing else. What is the kind of world we are living in? Where these rich and entitled goons consider the road to be their private property, and enforce their own set of rules on every citizen? Where a few people consider themselves to be above the law and feel they have the right to control what others can or cannot do? Which brings me back to the original question – what has changed in our country? Or rather, what has changed for the better? Other than massive concrete jungles being constructed around us, what has truly changed from within? Has the mind changed? Have the beliefs changed?

What the hell is the point of so much education if we cannot even behave in a civil, humane manner with other human beings? How is education changing anything? Gurgaon, specially, is full of such uncouth, unchained bastards who inherited a lot of money from their parents and never bothered to spend it on their own betterment as people. Now, they stink of money and ill-manners all the time. These are the people who drive on roads as if it belonged to their forefathers. They cut lines and queues, and bully people around to get what they want. They abuse like it’s their mother tongue and have no respect for any other human being, leave alone living being.

As far as the law is concerned, the Animal Welfare Board of India on 26th February 2015 released a circular clearly stating that while pet-owners are advised to clean up after their pets and not leave their excreta behind, absolutely NO ONE can stop them from walking their dogs in public areas like parks, roads etc. NO ONE can force a pet-owner to abandon his/her pet(s) and neither can a landlord evict a person because of their pets. Recently, Punjab and Haryana courts passed a judgement assigning the status of “legal persons” to all animals. This was done to prevent animal cruelty. But unfortunately, no one gives a rat’s fart about these laws because I see them being broken every day around me. Each day I see posts about animal lovers being harassed, threatened or outright attacked by goons like these. When people can function with so much impunity, then what’s the point of even having laws?

The insane amount of entitlement in this country baffles me to no end. It’s important that we put our foot down when we see something wrong happening in front of us. It’s important we take a stand, sometimes no matter the consequences, against illegal behavior. What this man is doing amounts to criminal intimidation under IPC 503. The world belongs to all living beings, not just humans, and it’s time we started respecting that.

If this video has angered you as much as it angered me, please share it across social media and help make this man and his behavior infamous.


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